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The Drinking Fountain Association welcomes applications for grants to help fund projects that fall within its objectives. In 2009 the Association’s grants totalled £46,370. In principle the Association allocates about one-third of its net income to overseas projects. For cost effectiveness these donations are channelled through UK registered charities. Based on the merits of grant applications the Committee makes a monetary award ranging from £50 to £3000.

Drinking Fountain Association 2009 Financial Highlights

The Committee made 10 overseas grants during the year the largest of which were as follows:

A grant of £2,000 was awarded to build 3 wells with pumps in Tolagnaro in 
rural South East Madagascar benefiting 2,000 people daily.

 Appropriate Technology
A grant of £2,000 was awarded to provide safe drinking water by constructing an ATA water system in Zhabe Hualong Countyin China benefiting 3,110 people and 1,980 livestock.

 Village Water
A grant of £2,000 was awarded to fund a full water and sanitation programme 
in Kaoma and Mongu Zamvia. The funding will enable the installation of a well benefiting 200 people.

 Society for the Protection of Animals Abroad (SPANA)
A grant of £1,500 was awarded to build one water trough in a rural village in Morocco. It is anticipated that 50-100 working animals will use the trough.

 The Karen Hilltribes Trust
A grant of £2,000 was awarded to be used to install a new water system in a
Karen village in northern Thailand called Ban Huay Na in the Mae Sariang district. There are 109 villagers’ 26 kilometers from the nearest school or hospital.

 Dhaka Ahsania Mission
A grant of £2,000 was awarded for the installation of a community managed pump and filtering system to provide safe water to approximately 400 people in the arsenic contaminated area in Jessore district, West Bangladesh. 

 Resolve International
A grant of £2,000 was awarded to provide clean drinking of Janakalyan School serving the villages of Bhimapokhara and Pala. This will benefit the 1,000 pupils and 20 teachers plus the 5neighbouring families.

Details of the Associations finances are presented in the 150th Annual Report attached below

The Metropolitan Drinking Fountain and Cattle Trough Association 150th Annual Report for the year ended 31 December 2009

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